International Journal of Paleopathology

The International Journal of Paleopathology is accepting submissions towards Special Issues reflecting key themes within paleopathology, 
along with research articles, case-studies of impact, brief communications, and technical notes. All submissions for publication can be made at: 

A Note from the 1st Editor in Chief, Jane E. Buikstra:

"The International Journal of Paleopathology (IJPP) carves out a dedicated academic space for communication, collaborations and cutting-edge research in paleopathology - human and non-human. As the  editor-in-chief of IJPP, I am energized by the challenge of creating an academic journal format that seeks to encourage research and foster interdisciplinary communication. We are extremely proud to have the designation of Official Journal of the Paleopathology Association." 

IJPP is published by Elsevier, Ltd.

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