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November 2014
Dr. Tamer Gad Rashed
Dr. Tamer Gad Rashed has received the award for the best Ph.D. thesis from Cairo University, Egypt. The thesis is entitled, "A comparative study between the inhabitants of Late Dynasitic Dakhleh Oasis and the Nubians."

Dr. Monica Green
Dr. Monica Green was 
awarded the Joseph P. Hazen Prize by the History of Science Society "in recognition of outstanding contributions to the teaching of history of science, in part for her work teaching the history of medieval medicine and disease through the multidisciplinary lenses of History, paleopathology, and the new work in genetics.

July 2014

Dr. Jane Buikstra
Dr Buikstra was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Science Honoris Causa by the Chancellor of Durham University, UK, for her outstanding contributions to science and research. 

June 2014

Dr. Charlotte Roberts
Dr. Roberts was elected Fellow of the British Academy. The British Academy is an independent national academy of UK-based Fellows, elected for their eminence in research and publication.

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