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February 2021

Dear Members

We would like to draw your attention to a special issue of Evolution, Medicine and Public Health that is soliciting data-driven, or theoretical research papers from scholars who use bioarchaeology/palaeopathology and evolutionary theory to answer questions about medical issues affecting humans.  If you or your lab are conducting such research, please consider submitting your work to EMPH.  

Submissions will be considered for this virtual issue up until August 31st, 2021.  Please follow the link for further information.


Please contact the organizers for more information: Kimberly Plomp at kplomp@sfu.ca,  Gillian Bentley at g.r.bentley@durham.ac.uk, or Frank Rühli at frank.ruehli@iem.uzh.ch.

Meetings and Events of Interest

    Virtual Mini Symposium May 5, 2021 Advanced non-invasive Methods in Mummy Studies

    Field Schools and Courses

    University of Sheffield Department of Archaeology: Human Osteology Short Course:

    This three-day course provides a broad introduction to the skeletal analysis of archaeological human remains.

    Led by doctoral researchers in Human Osteology and departmental staff, our Human Osteology short course provides a broad introduction to the skills and techniques of skeletal analysis of archaeological human remains.

    Ranging from basic anatomy to skeletal pathology, this course is ideal as a taster for people interested in pursuing further study in biological anthropology/human osteology; a refresher for those who have previously worked with archaeological human remains; or an opportunity for amateur enthusiasts to learn more about what goes on in the osteology lab.

    Course participants benefit from full access to our world-class teaching collections and facilities, along with the expertise of the department’s staff and researchers.

    The course balances academic quality with friendly, engaging tuition.

    Next course: 2021

    For more information, visit the website.

    PPA members who would like to post links to field schools and courses of interest, please contact paleopath.secretary@gmail.com




    Have a question regarding a specimen? lesion? differential diagnosis?  Contact paleopath.secretary@gmail.com to post your querie.

     Members wishing to include news and queries of interest in the PPA Newsletter are encouraged to send information to   N.Speith@derby.ac.uk



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    For information or queries, please contact paleopath.secretary@gmail.com

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