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The PPA Student Group is open to all student members of the PPA.  The Student Group (SG) is managed by two Co-Chairs, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Fundraising Chair. They are responsible for managing the Student Group and organizing the annual student meeting-networking-reception.  Please read on for more information on how to become an active member and stay current with Student Group activities.

PPA Student Group on Facebook.com
Student members of the PPA can stay up-to-date with the Student Group happenings by joining us on Facebook.com (FB).  We currently have several 100 members from all over the world!  This site is only open to student members of the PPA.  Here, student members can discuss common interests in paleopathology, share ideas, network, and post information on skeletal collections and other resources.

To join the PPA Student Group on Facebook (FB):
1.  Go to 
www.facebook.com and search for our group under: Paleopathology Association Student Group.  
2.  You will need to join FB before you can request to join the Student Group page.  
3.  Once you make a request to join the Student Group, FB will notify us and we will confirm your PPA membership.  For new PPA members, please be patient while we confirm your PPA membership. 

If you have any questions or problems joining the Facebook group, send a message to either Amanda Harvey or Chris Stantis through FB or via email (see below).  


The SG has opened a shop via Cafepress.com. Here you can buy high quality clothes, coffee mugs, bags, wall clocks, and much more with the PPA logo.  Please use the link below to find our shop, don’t just go to caf├ępress and search for the name (our group gets a better commission when purchased via the link).  Please pass this info on to others that might be interested in shopping at our site.  Next year’s student meeting/networking luncheon will depend on these funds!  Go to:  


Student Group (SG) officers:

Senior Co-chair:
Amy Anderson anderson.amy.susan@gmail.com

Junior Co-chair:

Raychel Durdin rrdurdin@go.olemiss.edu 


Holly Aslinger haslin2@uic.edu

Taylor Emery temery@luc.edu

Fundraising Chair:

Jennie Austen J.Austen@pgr.reading.ac.uk

Social Media Chair:
Darwin Hertzel wdhertzel@gmail.com



 The PPA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
For information or queries, please contact paleopath.secretary@gmail.com

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