The Eve Cockburn Mentorship Award

 The Eve Cockburn Mentorship Award is given for outstanding mentorship activities by a Paleopathology Association member. This award will be conferred in even numbered years, alternating with the Eve Cockburn Service Award. The nomination process is open to all members of the Association. Candidates for the Award must have been members of the Association for at least 10 years, and the statement of nomination should provide a narrative account of the candidate's mentorship activities while a member of the PPA. Nominations for this Award should be submitted to the appropriate PPA Member-at-Large. Entries will be reviewed by a standing Awards Committee and the winner will be presented with the Award (an engraved plaque) at the PPA Annual Business Meeting and recognized in the June issue of the PPA Newsletter.

Nominations for this Award should be submitted to Director-at-Large, Dr. Carina Marques at:

List of Past Cockburn Awardees:

2005-- Don Ortner   Service Award 
2006-- No award presented
2007-- Rose Tyson    Service Award 
2008-- Jerry Rose     Mentor Award
2009-- Mary Powell    Service Award
2010-- Jerry Melbye    Mentor Award
2011-- Jane Buikstra   Service Award
2012-- Della Collins Cook    Mentor Award
2013-- Anne Grauer    Service Award
2014-- Marie Danforth    Mentor Award
2015-- Andrea Buck   Service Award
2016-- Karl Reinhard   Mentor Award
2017-- Charlotte Roberts   Service Award

2018-- Tracy Prowse   Mentor Award
2019-- Charles Merbs  Service Award

2020-- Keith Manchester Mentor Award

2021-- Ana Luisa Santos Service Award


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